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What do changes to NABERS building standards mean for businesses?
Australia's NABERS building standards program has been in effect since 1998 and has helped building owners save more than $100 million in the last seven years alone. In July, 2017, the program was extended to cover even more commercial buildings. To commemorate this milestone, I'll review how NABERS compares to other efficiency rating programs around the world and examine whether NABERS compliance has a positive return on investment.
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What does the Power of Choice ruling mean for Australian businesses?
From December 2017, all new buildings will get smart meters as part of the AEMC's Power of Choice ruling. Are we all doomed to grow extra eyeballs from the radiation from smart meters and have our homes broken into due to meter data hacks or could the extra data that smart meters provide make the grid stronger and more efficient? It will all depend on the success of the implementation but hopefully the learnings from smart meter rollouts in Victoria and Italy will make Power of Choice a tour de force for Australia's electricity market.
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How does Australia's energy efficiency compare to other countries?
Since 2012, Australia has plummeted from 6th place in the ACEEE international energy efficiency benchmarking report to 16th. During the same period, Japan has leapt forward from 6th place to 2nd place in 2016. Both countries have substantial room for improvement and our hope is that efforts from utilities in both countries to help their customers reduce energy consumption will propel Japan and Australia up the ranks in the 2018 report.
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Optimising operational hours to minimise capacity and consumption charges
Having an efficient operational profile makes the difference between flicking an electricity bill over to accounts payable and having a heart attack while skimming over the capacity charges. It's important to ramp equipment up sensibly so that you can maximise occupant comfort and productivity without causing consumption spikes.
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When does submetering make sense?
Managing energy consumption without submetering is like trying to drive without headlights. If you manage a large site, submetering gives you granular consumption data so you can pinpoint waste, streamline your operational profile and pass on costs to tenants.
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Dealing with electricity bill shock post July 1
Electricity prices have skyrocketed since July 1st but that doesn't mean you just have to groan and pay up. Take ownership of your bill - negotiate a better rate and then use the bill shock as motivation to decouple your revenue from your electricity bill. There are a myriad of ways to reduce your energy consumption whilst serving customers better. Our customers typically find they can reduce their consumption and capacity charges by 20%. That'll do a lot more for your bottom line than trying to haggle over a few cents/kWh.
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Energy efficiency breakthroughs in data centres
In 2008 there were dire projections that data centres would become a tremendous strain on the grid. However, concerted efforts from Google, Amazon, Facebook and other tech giants to improve energy efficiency have meant that although the total number of installed servers has dramatically increased since 2008, energy consumption has remained stable. How did they do it and what can businesses in other industries learn from this efficiency breakthrough?
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Streamlining our deployment processes with Docker and Buildkite
Docker makes replicating builds fast and easy, Buildkite pipelines manage build, test and deploy steps, and AWS removes most management overhead from our infrastructure requirements.
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Tips for getting a job as a developer
If you're thinking about applying for one of our developer roles, here are some tips to help you maximise your chances.
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Insights into Homebuilding
Spending time in Mexico has provided insights into the process of building houses, the challenges involved, as well as the problem solving that makes for safe, secure, and weatherproof homes.
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Why don't more companies implement energy efficiency measures?
The energy efficiency paradox has been a topic of academic curiosity for decades. Despite having immense economic and environmental benefits, the majority of companies do not implement meaningful energy efficiency programmes. The barriers are manifold: resistance to change, lack of access to capital, risk aversion, the principal agent problem (landlord vs tenant) and information asymmetry. In spite of these barriers, many companies have taken action on energy efficiency. These businesses generally financially outperform companies that brush energy efficiency aside, and also realise efficiency gains in other areas across the business.
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Sketchnoting at conferences
After doing a sketchnoting workshop a few weeks ago, I gave it a crack at Agile Aus. While my drawings will never win awards, I found the process of sketchnoting dramatically improved my listening and I have greater retention of the talks than I normally would with text-noting.
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