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Non-Financial Benefits of Energy Management
We often evangelise about how energy efficiency can save you money, but what if you don't have a large electricity spend or you have so much cash flowing in that a big electricity bill doesn't phase you? What's the point of introducing energy efficiency measures if the savings don't interest you?
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338 Tips for the AWS Certified Sys Ops Admin Associate Exam
Want to pass the AWS Certified Sys Ops Admin Associate exam? Here are some study tips, including 338 questions you should be able to answer before sitting the exam.
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Should We Use Blockchain to Incentivise Energy Efficiency?
The meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptocurrencies this year has placed blockchain well and truly in the hype phase of the Gartner Hype Cycle. Should we jump on the bandwagon and issue our own token for energy efficiency? Whilst "NegaCoin" is an appealing idea, there are several major barriers - the oracle problem, lack of demand/liquidity, the power suck of current blockchain technology and the lack of skilled developers. For now, it's going to sit on our backlog but we'll be watching this space.
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Opportunity Knocks for Mid-Tier Buildings
Mid-tier buildings make up 80% of Australia's commercial building sector and present easy opportunities to improve energy efficiency for the built environment. While these non-premium buildings have often been neglected, addressing the energy efficiency not only reduces costs, but translates into vast benefits such as increased occupancy comfort and attracting/retaining both key tenants and employee talent. Read through to see the challenges, initiatives, options, and rewards by addressing energy efficiency in this sector.
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Should We Stop Adani?
The Queensland state election is on this Saturday and the Adani coal mine is a hot campaign topic. Green groups are advocating strongly to "Stop Adani" but I'm not so sure that's the right message. Hasty solutions from either side won't work. What we need is a long term plan for how to generate secure employment for far north Queenslanders for decades to come. With automation threatening to decimate blue collar jobs, it's time to start thinking about how to retrain and upskill resources sector workers.
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Takeaways From Australian Testing Days 2017
Didn't make it to Australian Testing Days last week? Never fear, I've summarised the most impactful sessions through clumsily drawn sketchnotes (plus some words). In this article, I document the Humpty Dumpty Effect, Test Sketching, creating a bubble of agile in your organisation, risk profiling your app and model-based test automation.
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Transport Priorities in Sydney
While a massive $45B is being funnelled into WestConnex and associated roads, a paltry $60M/year is celebrated for spending on bike infrastructure while enforcing draconian fines. Active infrastructure for walking and biking comes at a low cost with vast benefits to health, local and city economies, jobs, and traffic congestion. It's high time the state government resets its focus on public good to fund projects that deliver good value for money, return urban space to people instead of cars, prioritise human activities, and increase public transport options to expand the currently limited capacity.
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Ten Unconventional Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption
Many of the recommendations for improving energy efficiency are quite boring and non radical. Turn down your thermostat, switch off lights when you go home for the day ... yawn! To make energy efficiency more appealing, I have come up with ten unconventional (some might say radical) ways to save power.
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Five Big Ideas From the EnergyLab Hackathon
A few weeks ago, EnergyLab ran a one-day hackathon in Sydney. Thirty people got together to brainstorm ideas and build prototypes for the future of Australia's energy system. I went along for the final pitch session and was inspired by the scale of ambition and the quality of the ideas. Some of them will take a fair bit of work to execute but hopefully the teams persevere and unleash their products on the market.
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Variability: Efficiency Tweaks for Your A/C
A/C systems can be set up to use 30-50% less power if variable control technologies such as variable speed drives (VSD), variable air volume (VAV), and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) are used. These technologies allow A/C systems to operate efficiently at part-load, lowering energy use and extending lifetimes. Find out more about how these can fit into your current site with our guidelines on the relative advantages for each type.
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My First Month at COzero
About a year ago I made a decision to transition into the tech industry. I went from working in the logistic industry to working in the tech industry. It's been a challenging experience of continual learning. Now that I'm working at COzero this is where the real learning. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience starting my first role in the tech industry.
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424 Things You Should Know Before Sitting AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam
Want to pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam? Here are some study tips including 424 questions you should be able to answer before sitting the exam.
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