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Trampoline Dodgeball

Do you think Trampoline Dodgeball would be a suitable team building activity? Based on the results from COzero’s Energy Services team, the answer is 100% YES!

Let’s rewind back to the 14th August when we went to Skyzone in Alexandria. Once we arrived...

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Hot Water Systems


Hot water systems come in all shapes, sorts, and sizes, including electric, gas, and solar driven systems.

Often an ad-hoc system may arise on site where a number of hot water heaters may end up strung together as the needs for the site...

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Image: Dave Dugdale ( licence )

Power Purchase Agreements

Everyone loves solar power, and power purchase agreements (PPAs) are now springing up around the country, enabling businesses and households alike to access clean renewable energy without an upfront commitment.

From your next door neighbour to large...

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Image: Jeff Kubina ( licence )

EnergyLink Aqua

COzero EnergyLink now combines electricity, gas and water sub-metering in one energy management system to provide a turnkey cost effective solution for businesses. COzero’s EnergyLink Aqua is the most effective water conservation measure to reduce...

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Image: avocadogirlfriend ( licence )

Voltage Optimisation Explained

Voltage optimisation is a technology that reduces the voltage delivered to either your whole site or individual sub boards at your site. AS60038 prescribes a nominal voltage in Australia of 230 V with a variance of +10% or -6%. In effect this means...

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Website Launch
COzero launches new website!
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A Follow up on Whenever and AWS ElasticBeanstalk

A follow up on an article we posted in August 2014. It appears that AWS EB instances are inconsistent in their approach for “support” or “containerfiles” directories (ruby instances). I’ll be going through to ascertain what each instance type uses...

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Delayed_job and Time Arguments

A warning for those using the fantastic delayed_job gem for database queued tasks: arguments that have a timezone are stored without that timezone.

What this means for developers is that you must assume that the stored argument is in UTC, not whatever...

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Image: ( licence )

AWS Learnings » Whenever and ElasticBeanstalk

Whenever is a fantastic ruby gem, accessing Linux’s powerful crontab for scheduled tasks.

When working with Amazon Web Services’ ElasticBeanstalk product, you have the opportunity of running a load balanced network with AWS taking care of problematic...

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